HR Service & Payroll

Payroll and HR services are ubiquitous throughout organizations, but what do they encompass? The complete components can vary among different companies, depending on how comprehensive the company’s services are.

In its simplest form, payroll usually refers to employee compensation, as in the processes in place to ensure all employees are paid for their work. Human resources (HR), as you might expect, can cover a range of services, from recruitment and onboarding to annual reviews and 401(k).

To help run more effectively and efficiently, more and more companies rely on payroll and HR software to handle these services. A unified solution can save an organization time, money, and resources by digitalizing many routine, yet important, payroll and HR services.

It’s important to note that payroll and HR software is not meant to replace essential HR staff members, but rather is designed to simplify HR-related responsibilities so all employees can spend more time focusing on important projects, instead of getting tied up by basic tasks (filling out forms, punching in, etc.)

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