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We believe in the value that our functions add to a business. We commit to accompanying enterprises, bringing quality solutions in human resources service, connecting suitable talents to help enterprises solve the problem of human resources and improve competitiveness.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively hunt down and attract the talented candidates from many industries. Our …

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As a trusted provider of HR services & payroll services in Vietnam, Vina Group has made it easy for you to deliver on-time, legally compliant …

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Attract and approach millions of potential candidates every day on the smart recruitment platform viecTOP from Vina Group.


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    The ability to be decisive comes from confidence in one’s own abilities and having a firm understanding of the precise needs of a position. Most often it is the hiring manager’s “gut feeling” that is the correct option and great managers learn to rely on that instinctual perception of who they want to hire. There are, of course, situations where the hiring manager enlists the help of a recruitment firm, in which case it is important for both sides to trust one another.

    Hiring managers should reflect on the needs and resources of the ENTIRE team.
    Managers need to act fast or else end up with the leftovers.
    Managers should be willing to pivot if the candidate has a particular skill set that was not a priority, yet not detrimental, and could be valuable for the company.
    The hiring manager has the ability to create a role around a candidate’s skill sets and talent.

    The position should be described properly and the core values and culture of the company should be clear.
    The description needs to fit the desired target audience and speak directly to them.
    It is important to distinguish between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”

    A job candidate makes a counteroffer if they disagree with the initial job offer. Candidates often counteroffer when they feel that the salary offered does not meet their needs, level of experience or the industry average. They can provide a specific salary amount or compensation request verbally or in a written format, such as a letter or email. In their counteroffer, the candidate expresses their thanks and states their request using supporting evidence or justification. From there, the hiring manager will decide whether to accept, decline or negotiate the counteroffer.


     Ngoc Linh Ngo
    Ngoc Linh Ngo


    We need quality personnel in a short time and it is fortunate that Vina Group has chosen for us partners who have been with us until now.
     Hoang Khanh Le
    Hoang Khanh Le

    Founder & CEO_SHEA

    Vina Group's customer service style is very attentive and dedicated. We are really reassured to have Vina Group support all human resource-related services to maximize business focus.
    Hoang Anh Nguyen
    Hoang Anh Nguyen


    Fast and professional is what I feel when using Vina Group's services. Thank you for always helping us get the best talent.

    “We believe hiring to be the most important first step towards the organization’s success”