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Headhunting Service

The issue of HR is always a top concern of businesses, especially businesses are on the strong growth momentum.

Understanding that, Vina Group's recruiting service ...

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Job posting & Resumes searching

Recruiting your company's recruiting brand is easy!

Reach thousands of potential candidates every day!

100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Payroll & HR Outsourcing

Time savings / Productivity: Outsourcing payroll allows employers to concentrate on their core business and frees up the business owner, human resources or ...

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Looking talents for your business!

Looking for a dream job?

- Sales/Marketing

Sales is an important industry to bring revenue to businesses


Any company needs financial accounting, financial accounting is the backbone of the business

IT – Software

In Vietnam, the It job market is getting more and more attractive with high salary


Consumer goods production is indispensable in life


The media industry is extremely important to penetrate and develop the market


Other industry groups

More than 09 Years of Recruitment Experience & Candidates data

Business - Trade - Service Candidate

Production candidate - Finance - Accounting - Human Resources

IT candidate - Software

Translator to translate

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