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The issue of HR is always a top concern of businesses, especially businesses are on the strong growth momentum.

Understanding that, Vina Group's recruiting service wants nothing more than supporting businesses to find people in accordance with the motto "Recruiting the customers who need it".

Learning is never enough, especially for who want to develop higher on the career ladder. 

Enterprises should pay attention and make long-term investments for the available talents. Constantly training and improving skills for employees not only helps businesses get closer to their goals, but also contributes to retaining talents and creating a working environment with many promotion opportunities for employees. Understanding that need, Vina Group with a team of Lecturers with practical experience in the industry, has been training for hundreds of Enterprises to be proud to accompany with Enterprises in the career of talent development.

Speak up the needs of your business, our consulting team will always be ready to listen!

Design and build the processes for businesses to encourage businesses to leverage effective resources to quickly accelerate and create more value.

A lot of businesses only care about sales but forget about setting up a standard process, when it comes to development, things get messy, people don't understand how to work, work overlapping, take time and be inefficient. Therefore, making the process as simple, clear and detailed will enable human resources to minimize useless time and work efficiently!

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